About SynGas

Who we are:

The SynGas Association is an organization of ammonia, hydrogen, ammonium nitrate/nitric acid, urea & methanol producers – along with the material and service suppliers that support these industries.


To provide a forum where there is an open exchange of ideas and information to promote better safety, technical, environmental, operational and maintenance techniques for the mutual benefit of the organization and its participants.


• Annual Meetings
• Keynote speakers on relevant industry topics
• Unique breakout sessions where smaller groups with specific interests can discuss successes and failures.

Typical Interest Groups:

• Process Safety Management, Safety practices and systems
• Environmental Compliance and Improvements
• Human Relations and Management Information
• Catalysts - their performance, handling and recovery
• Water Treating Systems and Services
• Insulation and Refractory
• Heat Exchangers
• Piping
• Vessels
• Rotating Equipment
• Instrumentation and Controls systems and services
• CO2 removal systems
• Raw Natural Gas and Synthesis treatment systems
• Plant Improvement and Maintenance Fabrication services